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Please note:

Before attempting to assemble your own kit from the individual components listed here, please consider the advantages of having us do it for you. Generally speaking, your total kit cost will be 20-25% lower than if you assemble it yourself, and you have the benefit of our involvement and knowledge. Analysis of your specific leather type, technical recommendations, and targeted support are included when we formulate your customized kit for you. Our Stock Color Kits are an alternative if you do not wish to send in a color sample and have it analyzed. Our Supplemental Stock Kit Help page might assist you to identify potential problems (body oil accumulation, cat claw damage, etc.) that may extend beyond the resources of our stock kit and require the purchase of additional amounts of some kit components. Individual components are available for easy re-order. A telephone call (800.541.5982) or e-mail ( consult may make the selection process easier for you.

What makes our care products better?

High performing components make a great product. We use only the best ingredients money can buy. And, in a real-world environment (our leather restoration shop facility) the SG Series has been extensively tested to ensure effectiveness. As professionals we have choices. Weíve tried dozens of cleaners and conditioners. We know what works. We know whatís too greasy, what's ineffective, and whatís watered down. Thatís why, for best results as professional leather technicians we have formulated for our own use the SG Series of care products. They are available now for you to see and feel the difference.

Why should you use any care products?

A small investment in the right care products will prolong the life of your leather by balancing its pH, keeping the moisture content elevated and reconstructing the protective coating that wears away with normal use. These great products are appropriate across all leather applications (except suede and nubuck), including your automobile, furniture, clothing, baseball glove, brief-case, etc. Use them whether you've restored your leather using our DIY system or not.

Youíve invested in leather. Enhance and maintain your leatherís long-term performance and beauty with the finest professional care products available.

SG-5 Advanced Leather Cleaner

  • Effective on all leather products including furniture, automobile interior, motorcycle leather, handbags, clothing, briefcases, etc.
  • Excellent cleaning action without darkening the leather
  • Corrects pH while it cleans, improving the long-term life of the leather
  • Surfactant-based cleaner that lifts the soil from the leather
  • Corrects any pH imbalance, prolonging the life of the leather
  • Creamy consistency - much easier than liquid cleaners to apply and control application amounts
  • Leaves no sticky residue
  • Can be used on all grades of leather except suede and nubuck
leather cleaner Size Price Buy!
8oz.- $9.95
16oz.- $19.95
32oz.- $29.95

SG-25 Advanced Leather Conditioner-Protector

  • Chemically engineered by leather technicians for professional use
  • Finest ingredients for best performance
  • pH balanced for leather
  • Adds a protective barrier to aid against staining from spills
  • Improves the long-term durability of the leather by adding wear-resistance
  • Cleans, conditions and protects in one easy wipe-on application
  • Cream-like consistency allows for better control
  • Pleasant leather scent
  • Leaves the leather feely silky smooth and brings back luster
  • Wonít stain or darken delicate leather
leather conditioner-protector Size Price Buy!
8oz.- $14.95
16oz.- $29.95
32oz.- $44.95

SG-50 Advanced Leather Conditioner, Protector, and Surface Finish Restorer

  • Flagship leather care product for professional use
  • Cleans, conditions, protects, and rejuvenates leather
  • Restores chaffed or worn leather surfaces
  • Establishes strength through reconsolidation of the leatherís surface finish
  • Revitalizes old leather, adding suppleness and luster
  • Pleasant leather scent
  • pH balanced
  • Creamy smooth consistency for easy application
  • Adds years of life to old, tired leather
  • Creates a protective barrier on the leather surface, providing stain resistance
  • Improves wear resistance
leather conditioner-protector-restorer Size Price Buy!
8oz.- $29.95
16oz.- $59.95
32oz.- $89.95
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